WP TLV: Round Three

Building Great Content, Blogging and WordPress Media Sites

The third WP TLV meetup, was again hosted at the beautiful Google Tel Aviv headquarters (Levinstein Tower). Four great speakers from various fields, delivered presentations on their specialties and blogging. And without further ado:



The Lineup:



Ido Schacham | CEO & Developer | idosius.com

Ido outlined his blogging lessons learned based on his comprehensive, 6-year, blogging background.



Rviv Aohev Zion | CTO | Guerrilla.co.il

It’s that simple, Rviv presents his top ten plugins for every WordPress blogger:


 Morad Stern | Web Project Manager, Blogger and Coder | UsabilityTalking.com

Presented how a journalist left his job, became a professional blogger and actually turned the lemon into lemonade…


Yoav Farhi | Happiness Gardener | Automattic

Yoav asks, “Is WordPress right for you,” while he presents what you can do to harness the power of the world’s largest WordPress site:


If you have anything to add, please do! We love to hear suggestions for topics and speakers regarding upcoming meetups!

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