The Evolution of Internet Ads

Ad-blocking rates are rapidly on the rise, and fewer Internet users are viewing ads than ever before. This causes websites to lose high percentages of ad-revenue. In the process of creating a solution, we are attempting to strike a perfect balance between what both users and publishers need. Users need safe and non-obtrusive advertising while publishers need to create ad revenue. With that comes a new take on a Internet ads, with what we call ‘simple support ads’, which websites can display to ad-blocking users: What do you think?


‘Simple support ad’ example:

Support ad example


Would you place this on your site? What would you think after seeing this on your favorite site?

We would be happy to have your translation of the ad’s text to your native language to customize it for your site!

Lastly, what are some trustworthy online shops that your users regularly buy from (for more customization purposes)?


Jacob Attias


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