WordPress Meetup TLV Returns for Developers

The presentation room at Google HQ TLV was half filled with developers twenty minutes early. Although it is standard for us to arrive stylishly late here in Israel, people still showed up early to get comfortable. At that point, I knew the turnout would be great, just as it was for the first WP meetup.

The topic of this Meetup moved away from general WordPress topics and progressed towards “Hardcore dev.” – as coined by Moshe Kaplan, CEO of dSero. Also, we want to give a huge thanks to Google Tel Aviv for sharing their colorful office and their impressive view of the city; there is no better place to have these meetups! And without further ado:


The Lineup:


Ofer Wald | Transposh

Ofer Wald, of Transposh fame, the #351 plugin writer to date, shared his experiences writing a popular wordpress plugin, things you should do, pitfalls that you should avoid (and he has not…) and general tips on the fascinating and super exciting world of WordPress plugin development.

Ido Schacham | idosius.com

Ido discussed how to translate thousands of beautiful WordPress themes using basic CSS and PHP, so you can use any theme in your native language! Plus, he taught WordPress ninjutsu skills – I bet you haven’t learned those before!


Moshe Kaplan | Founder and CEO | dSero: The Anti-AdBlock Creators

Moshe explained extremely important topics for WordPressers on how to deal with very high traffic and disaster recovery. He starts with the very foundations of what WordPress is made of.



Thanks, and if you have anything to add, please do! We love to hear suggestions for topics and speakers regarding upcoming meetups!

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