How to Squeeze the Most out of Google AdSense

Ad placement holds extremely high importance in the success of your Google AdSense campaigns. If your ads are not visible and are unattractive, you won’t have much success. How do you know if your ad placements are correct? Here are a few basic guidelines that should be followed:


Basic ad placement guidelines

  • Heat Map: Google provides a ‘Heat Map’ depicting which locations are the best for ads (red is the best).
  • Above the Fold: I added a dotted black line to the image to depict the ‘fold’ (The user views everything above the fold upon entering the page and must scroll to see the rest.) This renders the top part of the page as most effective – which is why there are so many red rectangles.
  • The Best Spot: You can clearly see that the best ad placement is right in the middle of the content above the ‘fold’. In many cases, the text wraps around the ads, leading the reader’s glace over this space. This has proven to be the most effective placement on many blogs. On the contrary, placing an ad blatantly in the middle of text may bother readers and hurt your AdSense efficiency. This leads to the most important guideline.
  • Experiment: Experiment because your blog is different from everyone else’s. Experiment because your readers are different as well. This is, by far, the most important guideline to follow. If you experiment with your ad placements, you will see a difference.
Good Luck!


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