The Power of Concision

Although the title of this article is The Power of Concision, I am not going to write in three word sentences. I just want to show the usefulness of concise language that Seth Godin uses in his blog. Recently, he blogged about The simple power of one a day, Seth wrote:

From Seth’s blog

There are at least 200 working days a year. If you commit to doing a simple marketing item just once each day, at the end of the year you’ve built a mountain.


The Future of Content

Bada bing, bada boom – that’s it. Huge meaning, few words. This is how content marketing should be done in order to capture the interest of a reader. His posts are not so long that they lose the reader’s attention, yet they are packed with practical insight. This seems like a recipe for earning returning readers, and I think it’s one of the reasons why Seth Godin has such a strong following.

While the world of content marketing grows and clutters, I believe Seth Godin’s concise style is the future of good content marketing.



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