WP TLV: Round Eight: SEO and Wix Apps

Theme: SEO, Wix Apps and 10 yrs WP Party

We had another great event with the content industry leaders: Yoav Abrahami from Wix.com and Rviv Ohev Zion from Xplace.

We wanted to share with you the lectures:

Yoav Abrahami | Chief Architect | Wix.com

With this great presentation, Yoav presented the opportunities in the Wix platform from plugin developers::


Rviv Ohev Zion | SEO Ninja | XPlace.com

Raviv presented his SEO ninja tips:


If you have anything to add, please do! We love to hear suggestions for topics and speakers regarding upcoming meetups!

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Moshe Kaplan

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    I believe slides 7 & 9 should not look that way, can you please verify with Wix