WP TLV: Round Seven: WordPress and Mobile

Theme: Adjusting WordPress Sites to Mobile andTablets

We had another great event with the WordPress and content industry leaders: Miriam Schwab from illuminea, Ruthie Nisenbaum from Internet 4 Biz and Maya Irving-Regev.

We wanted to share with you two of the lectures:

Miriam Schwab | Friendly CEO | illuminea

With this great presentation, Miriam presented her best practices to implement a responsive site:

Miriam’s Recorded Lecture (EN)


Ruthie Nisenbaum | Internet 4 Biz

Ruthie presented her view on responsive sites and exposed some of her best practices:

Ruthie’s Recorded Lecture (EN)


Maya Irving-Regev | Technical writing, Instruction and Content

Maya presented some of her best practices for content and design in a responsive world:

Maya’s Recorded Lecture (HE)


If you have anything to add, please do! We love to hear suggestions for topics and speakers regarding upcoming meetups!

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Moshe Kaplan


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