WP TLV: Round Four

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The previous three meetups have consisted of both English and Hebrew lectures. This fourth WordPress TLV meetup, however, was geared exclusively towards English speakers that want to expand their influence in English speaking markets. Also, this was our first meetup held in the brand new, five-floor, Google office, located in the Electra Tower (check out the tower here on Google Maps- go to ‘street view’, it looks amazing). And without further ado:

The lineup:


Sarah Tuttle-Singersocial | Media Director | Times of Israel

With this entertaining presentation, Sarah explains her top tactics on how to get people to pay attention:


Ben Lang | Creator | Mapped In Israel

Ben shows his top ten hacks supported by real-life examples:


Shira Abel | CEO | Hunter & Bard

At the meetup, Shira answered many questions on how to execute good online marketing such as how to approach bloggers or how to do a guest post:


If you have anything to add, please do! We love to hear suggestions for topics and speakers regarding upcoming meetups!

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Jacob Attias



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