Happy Holidays from dSero!

Dear friends, from all of us at dSero: Happy holidays and a wonderful new year!

What a year this has been…

With more than 3,000 new dSero bloggers we have used our momentum to build and innovate. In the past year, dSero services became available for every blogging platform (WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, and more), we formed a connection with PayPal and we created a new revenue stream for our bloggers. We want to thank each and every one of you for giving dSero the opportunity to assist you in turning AdBlock users to supporters.

Only a year ago, we were bloggers just like you that saw revenue streams declining due to the AdBlock phenomenon. We are so happy to see that our unique “Calls to Action” have proven to generate value to both bloggers and AdBlock users.

Looking forward, expect new and exciting ways to engage your readers in 2013. Stay tuned for the announcements in January. Thank you for being a part of dSero, we wish you success in 2013!

Very truly yours,
Moshe and the dSero Team
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P.S. We just launched our self service payment method that now supports payments as low as $1 via PayPal. Check it out here!