Turn AdBlock users into Supporters: How it Works

Until now, our solution, Supporters, was exclusively available for bloggers that use WordPress and Drupal. The new dSero solution is available for every blog platform. Plus, Supporters is free for small and medium sized bloggers!

The following pictures present a brief walkthrough for Supporters.

1. Supporters is readily available on our new main website. Submit your email at the ‘download’ tab to get started.

Generic anti-adblock solution

2. You will receive an email providing the exact information needed to set up Supporters. *Note: the code is blocked in this email example. After set-up, special banners will be displayed for ad-blocking users. Soon, you will discover how well ad-blocking users respond to friendly banners:

3. After the installation of Supporters is complete, you will be able to check your site’s revenue report and analytics. Here, “recovered revenue” is the amount that your site has accumulated from only ad-blocking users. You can witness your ad-blocking users change into your best supporters.

4. With Supporters, watch ad-blocking users change into elite supporters. The final result is a banner that will appear where the blocked ad would be. The banners are friendly and have proven to be extra-effective for ad-blocking users. For example:


Stop fighting against AdBlock users, make them your best supporters!

Get started today at dsero.com!

Jacob Attias